Pitta Dosha: Natural Teachers, Leaders and Guides

Ancient medicine explains that we’re made of the same elements as the universe we live in. These 5 elements are evidenced in our bones and blood and govern movement, digestion and immunity. Our unique personal mixture of these elements helps shape our lives! When our elements and their qualities are out of balance, it shows, and disease and illness sets in.

Pitta Dosha are our Tiger friends, sharp, competitive and natural leaders.

Elements that predominate are Fire and Water - always changing

Qualities: Hot, sharp, light, oily, spicy, flowing, changing and pungent.

Body characteristics: Moderate / medium, steady weight with a medium frame and musculature. Easy to gain and lose weight.

Personality: Focused, energetic, intelligent, and intense.

Physical challenges: Prone to loose stool, heart burn acidity, headaches, weakness in liver, skin conditions, acne, rash.

Emotional challenges: Anger, resentment, irritability and jealousy. Can become cynical and more focused under stress.

Qualities to Balance Pitta: Cool, heavy, stable and slightly dry.

Taste to balance: Sweet, bitter, astringent.

Color to balance: White, blue, green; cooling colors.

Spices: Cooling herbs and spices; coriander, cilantro, fennel and cardamom.

Aromas: sweet, cooling oils such as rose, fennel and sandalwood.

Pitta Dosha bring us the gifts of clarity, perception, intensity, and passion

We love our Pitta qualities in ourselves and others - we work to stay cool, calm and kind!

Photo by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash