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Yoga at The Plaza 2 Turtle Creek

Mondays 7-8:15pm Deep Stretch & Meditation - find peace, clarity and calm with a vibrant and relaxed body and mind

Fridays 9am-10:15am Yoga for Graceful Aging - All ages, levels and abilities gain strength, balance and stamina

$25 drop in

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Yoga Privates & Partner Privates

Find a friend and get ready to feel better. Fun and efficient, share the practice with a buddy or accountability partner. Learn Yoga, develop your practice journal and develop an understanding of how and why the practice works. 90 mins $125


the refuge meditation

Thursdays 6pm-6:30pm Yoga Nidra / Guided Meditation

Saturdays & Sundays 9am-10am Deep Stretch + Guided Meditation

the refuge mediation -- 4140 Commerce St #206, Dallas, TX 75226 - memberships available


Ayurvedic Consultation

Learn Conscious Living with simple daily routine, customized food choices, yoga, meditation and more to improve digestion, sleep, and reduce stress and anxiety. Initial Consultation over Zoom is free! 3-Week Online Beginner Series is $150. Change simple habits for significant improvement!

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Develop a daily personal practice

A personal practice is just that...personal. Learn the guidelines and principles to develop and maintain a routine of proper food, exercise and meditation / relaxation practices based on your unique body/mind balance.

Every Teacher should have a personal practice to ensure they are providing the best to their students.

Anyone and everyone benefits when you make this time for self-improvement!

Uncover and support your purpose and goals in life with thought, word and deed. Studies show practice can reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, chronic illness and general dissatisfaction. This gives you more time and energy to find your best self.

Make simple changes to diet and routine for incredible results. First 30 minute consultation is free.

Every day holds the key to supporting health or feeding disease; conscious living is a conscious choice. It’s simple, but it’s not easy.
— Kirsten Joy

The Tantric Wisdom Series

Learn how to embody the bold, beautiful and sometimes fierce qualities at your core self through this monthly exploration of Tantric Wisdom. From material and spiritual abundance, to fierce courage, and unconditional love, embody your divine qualities in a safe and welcoming environment. Develop and sustain the routines and practices for true transformation for a life of satisfaction and joy for body, mind and spirit. Drawing from wisdom revealed from the ancient texts of Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda and Vedanta, as well as direct experience and education at the feet of masters in the US and India, this series will delight you, and provide practical projects and daily practices to keep you strong all year long.

October and November Workshops at The Refuge Meditation


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