How to determine your Dosha

The life science of Ayurveda explains that we are born perfect creations, with a unique balance of space, air, fire, water and earth – the 5 basic elements of all things. This is our Prakruti. Then life happens, - the food we eat, coupled with our activities and environment skew that perfect balance. This is our Vikruti. Imbalance leads to illness, and when we can’t curb the illness, it can lead to chronic disease that we are taught to live with, such as arthritis, allergies, thyroid problems and inflammation.

Who are you? What is your unique blueprint?

A simple Dosha Quiz will tell you what your Dosha is – this helps us understand our basic nature.

Our Vata friends exhibit qualities of space and air – always on the move, creative, flowing and great conversationalists! Usually very flexible in body and mind, they tend to be very tall or very short. They are like happy butterflies and antelopes.

When they are out of balance, they can become scattered, fearful, anxious and loose their appetite. Things that push Vata out of balance include dry, light, airy foods, excessive travel, cold windy weather and too much talking.

Our Pitta friends are fire and water – they tend to be sharp, always solving puzzles, reading books they love to transform experience into knowledge. They are competitive and like to take charge. Medium and intense, they have amazing appetites and can easily control their weight through rapid digestion. They are like prowling tigers, observant and strong. When out of balance, they can be hot heads, and experience IBS, sour stomach or rashes.

Things that push Pitta out of balance include spicy or sour foods, hot weather, excessive competition, and too much work / too little compassion.

Our Kapha friends are like water and earth – they are steady, calm and resilient. They love to love and will be the first to give you a hug. Slow to change, their consistency can be a benefit or get them stuck. They are softer and rounder in physique, with large eyes, thick hair and amazing smiles. They are like plush teddy bears and Koalas. When out of balance, they can become depressed, lethargic and may become overweight.

Things that push Kapha out of balance include heavy, sticky or sweet foods, inactivity, and cold damp weather.

We are a combination of all 3 doshas in varying degrees with one usually being predominant, however, a person can be a combination of Pitta/Vata, Vata/Kapha, Pitta/Kapha or show equal qualities from all 3 Dosha.

This basic Ayurvedic principle gives us an understanding of our constitution, and acceptance of our true and perfect nature (Prakruti). It teaches us to recognize the basic nature of every large and small thing around us, and how they cause imbalance (Vikruti). This is the blueprint to a healthier diet and lifestyle to support long term health and happiness, through each season and stage of our long and healthy lives.

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Source: Photo by Olga Bast on Unsplash