Śhiva Saṅkalpa Sūkta - a Mantra for your Mind

Shiva means: auspicious; meditative; of divine mind; benevolent; beneficent. Sankalpa is an unbreakable resolve. Sukta means well said. It is practiced for developing calm clear thoughts, alignment to purposeful living, and for strengthening mental resolve.

Shiva Sankalpa Sukta is a powerful six-verse hymn from the Rig Veda that asks the mind “to dwell on the auspicious will of the Divine”. It helps cultivate conscious resolve in alignment with one’s unique purpose and most fulfilled life. The cadence of this recording is in the style of Swami Veda Bharati, a successor of Swami Rama and former spiritual head of the Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, the Himalayan Tradition’s ashram in Rishikesh.

It is a practice to rewire the brain and nourishes the subtle tissues to pair with the light of one’s Soul and reason for life. Best used when seeking answers, calming the mind, or to bring fuel to your continue your path well.

Swami Veda Bharati of the Himalayan Sage Tradition taught that the entire 6 verse Mantra could be remembered in its last phrase:

Tan me manaha siva sankalpam astu

and that this phrase especially, is very useful during the day when in a pause, rest or transition from one thing to the next. It is also best chanted before bedtime, as verse 1 asks our roaming mind to come rest. Much healing & refinement of the mind can occur in our sleeping hours after chanting this ancient prayer. It will harness thoughts and sweep your mind into a one pointed focus. This mantra cultivates mental purity and harmony, and strengthens your relationship with your mind as an instrument under your control, to be used for the benefit of your Dharma (unique purpose in life).

It also aids in the will power and determination to continue your daily practice, and gives you the calm and nurturance to support a life of practice and a practice of life.

According to Swami Rama, mantra practices such as these were very important to the ancient forest dweller yogis; they didn’t have ready access to physical objects traditionally used for rituals in Kaula (left handed path) Tantra. “Their way of worship was symbolic and internal, so were their methods of meditation. Their methods of worship were lifted to the mental level and then finally, to the spiritual level.” Practices such as this allow them to follow the path, inside and out.

Śhiva Saṅkalpa Sūkta

OM yad jāgrato dūram udaiti daivam

tadu suptasya tathaivaiti

dūraṅgamam jyotiṣām jyotir ekam

tan me manaḥ śiva-saṅkalpam astu

May my mind be calm and focused Which while we wake soars into the heavens And even in sleep roams about The far-ranging one light among lights

yena karmāṇi apaso manīṣiṇo

yagye kṛṇvanti vidatheṣu dhīrāḥ

yad apūrvam yakṣam antaḥ prajānām

tan me manaḥ śiva-saṅkalpam astu

May my mind be calm and focused With which the mindful initiate actions And the insightful perform rituals The unprecedented, mysterious being within all living beings

yat pragyānam uta ceto dhṛtiśca

yat jyotir antaḥ amṛtam prajāsu

yasmān na ṛte kiñcana karma kriyate

tan me manaḥ śiva-saṅkalpam astu

May my mind be calm and focused Which includes intuitive knowledge, consciousness, and mental stability That immortal inner light in all beings Without which no action can be performed

yenedam bhūtam bhuvanam bhaviṣyat

parigṛhītam amṛtena sarvam

yena yagyas tāyate saptahotā

tan me manaḥ śiva-saṅkalpam astu

May my mind be calm and focused The immortal one by which all that has been, is now being, and will be in the future is grasped By which the seven priests extend and perform the selfless giving

yasmin ṛcaḥ sāmaḥ yajūṁṣi yasmin

pratiṣṭhitā rathanābhāvivārāḥ

yasminś cittam sarvam otam prajānām

tan me manaḥ śiva-saṅkalpam astu

May my mind be calm and focused In which the verses of the Vedas are fixed like spokes around the hub of a chariot wheel In which is interwoven the consciousness of all living beings

suṣārathir aśvān iva yan manuśyān

nenīyate'bhīśubhir vājina iva

hṛtapratiṣṭham yad ajiram javiṣṭham

tan me manaḥ śiva-saṅkalpam astu

May my mind be calm and focused That which by mindfulness is controlled as a skillful charioteer controls horses Leading the powerful forces of the senses by their reigns Which is seated in the heart, though agile and speedy

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