Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance, was more than bountiful this past Saturday at WAAS Gallery. Sitting in lotus position we began to invoke her -  I quickly realized the energetic power of community and unison. I could feel this divine presence as it danced among us. I felt her caress, telling me it was all in due time, and to be boundless in my love for others and this time, myself. It’s almost like the “inner goddess” (that I so often refer to) had to step outside of my self in order to really be able to analyze and assess the things in my life that continually bless and lift me up to continue my purpose. I was her and she was me, she was everyone. Peace in midst of pain. 


The workshop learning about Lakshmi was very intimate for me. As a self-taught yogi it is so refreshing to learn from amazing women and feel welcome in a judge-free environment. I’m usually a very talkative and very extroverted individual but I was so intrigued by everything that was taught I was stuck in absorbing mode. It was bliss. I’m so excited to experience all of the Goddess Series and co-create with such amazing people. My soul is in love with everything that WAAS stands for, and the beautiful community it has created.   


If I could, I would give all of my friends the gift of a 90 minute private with Kirsten. She helps keep me going in a fast paced world, reducing my stress and giving me the confidence I need to speak my voice! Learning about Ayurveda has changed my daily routine to focus on healthier foods and dedicated self-care.