The Art & Science of Holistic Healing - Meditation | Yoga | Mindfulness | Ayurveda

PraniLife offers programs to help you live more fully, age more gracefully, and find more vitality and joy in life.

Develop the knowledge and willpower to live your best life.

Yoga & Meditation - Stability and Strength of Mind and Body. The science & philosophy of yoga helps us master the mind, and abide in a higher awareness of unsurpassed calm, moving more skillfully in life. Develop a personal practice including asana, pranayama, meditation and self understanding. Our practice is supported by Ayurveda, and potentized with Tantra.

Ayurveda - Health in Body, Mind & Spirit. Originating over 5,000 years ago, this holistic science provides an inexpensive and simple diet & lifestyle, customized to your constitution, season of life, and time of year. Understand how to find daily balance, self-healing, and peace. Yoga is a modality of Ayurveda.

Tantra – Limitless Power. The skillful use of energy management. Develop clearer perception, skill and energy to inspire creativity, and boundless capacity. The alchemy of asana (postures), pranayama (breath), bandha (internal strength), mudra (certain positions), kriya (special movements), Yoga Nidra (transformative rest) and meditation (one pointed mind and transcendance) are included in Tantra.

Vedanta - Self Knowledge. Discover the purpose of life, through study of ancient philosophy and practical experience. Realize the One Truth with many names. To know our shadow and our light, and to experience and manifest our own divinity is the highest goal.

In Sanskrit prani प्राणि is from pran, which means ‘breath of life', one who is alive, and lives with the breath of the divine spirit’ .

Develop an easier, more balanced way to live in the modern world - finding health and happiness by choice is Conscious Living.

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Paired with your current health and exercise program, enjoy customized diet, breath, meditation and yoga practices to help you live a longer, happier life, free from the stress of chronic pain and illness. Kirsten Joy