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Lakshmi - the Goddess of Abundance and Fulfillment

Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, prosperity, beauty, fertility and devotion. Known as Kamala in Tantric scripts, and experienced in Roman Venus and Greek Aphrodite, she rises up on the waves of the ocean, youthful and healthy.

In this workshop we'll experience practices to bring about abundance, learn about mantra, and how to meditate on the qualities she brings, according to the ancient Rig Veda. 

Experience a special puja, or ritual, to show our devotion to the inner and outer prosperity she brings, and potentize her qualities in our spiritual and material life!

Goddess of the lotus, coming out of the mud, she unfurls her petals in a stunning display of delight and beauty. She repesents the fulfillment of all our soul's desires, and represents the flowering of Divine grace and love.

"We adore Lakshmi, who has the nature of supreme peace an the lustre of pure gold, whose form is radiant, wearing gold and possessing all ornaments." -Lakshmi Dhyanam


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